The word yoga originated from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to “yoke, join or unite.” Yoga brings together our mind, body, and spirit.

When one system is out of order it affects all of our other systems.

For example, when we experience pain, our sympathetic nervous system is on “high alert” which can trigger anxiety. Pain and anxiety can perpetuate each other like embers being thrown on a fire.


Yoga can help to break the cycle or throw water on the fire by calming the sympathetic nervous system. Simply bringing our attention to our breath — which is an integral part of practicing yoga — can decrease pain and anxiety. Stretching, lengthening, and balancing our muscles during asana practice can help relieve pain, tension, and stiffness that have built up throughout the body.

Yoga and Homeopathy both share many fundamental principles and they both complement each other enormously. They both work to increase and unblock the flow of energy by utilizing the energy currents and energy centres of the body. In Homeopathy we call this energy the Vital Force and in Yoga it is called Prana, but they are essentially the same things, just with different names.


At Homoeocure – Holistic Healing, we have a panel of Certified Yoga Instructors who can provide you with the best care through Yoga therapy for the specific health conditions.

Our panel of yoga Instructors are specialized in addressing the health conditions with specific asanas. In addition to this the Yoga therapy sessions are supervised by Dr Naaz Kazi to evaluate the well-being of the patients.