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Welcome to Homoeocure, a Holistic Healing Journey with Dr Naaz Kazi


At Homoeocure – Holistic Healing we offer; Online Consultations around the globe, through Advanced Homeopathy to infants, children, adults, and elderly.   

Principle of Homeopathy

The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.

Why Choose Homeopathy ?

Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources available in the environment. They do not come along with any side effects unlike the other pharmaceutical agents.

Children create no fuss to take the sweet magical pills. Adults and Older people too love to have them since homeopathy treats effectively with very few doses.

Homeopathy aims at treating the person as a whole, not just the physical symptoms but transformation of the whole person at all levels from Dis- Ease to Ease.

Some diseases can be hereditary, some due to inherited weakness or underlying disease process. Homeopathy addresses the root causes and tries to achieve a cure.

You become much more resistant and your immune system is well armed to fight rightly and timely. Body is not much prone to repeated infections and allergies. Coping gets better to physical and mental triggers.

Individualization is one of the principles of Homeopathy. Which means every person is treated with the well selected remedy which corresponds to his physical and mental state.

For instance: – If two people suffer from flu and show the common symptoms of flu, they will not be treated with the same remedy but two different remedies considering their personalities which are not the same. One person might be restless with the flu and the other might be just very calm.

Homeopathy addresses symptoms of all three trimesters of pregnancy as well ensures a normal fruitful childbirth.

Common acute conditions such as tonsillitis, appendicitis, haemorrhoids- piles, kidney stones, small uterine growths- fibroids, cysts, skin growths- warts, corns can be successfully treated with homeopathy to avoid surgery.



An experienced senior homeopath practicing for 25 years. Her patients describe her as a caring, affectionate, soft-spoken person. She is very well known among her peers and patients

She graduated in 1996 from a reputed Homeopathic Medical College in Mumbai and later went on to upgrade her skills and did her fellowship in Advanced Homeopathy. Presently she is pursuing fellowship in Homoeopathic Psychiatry to help more in psychiatric and mental health conditions. 

She provides healing through Homeopathy to patients of all age groups, infants, children, adults, and elderly.

Dr Naaz extends Online Consultation to patients in and around Thane, as well other cities in India and Overseas.

Along with homeopathy she stresses on a balanced lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise, hence a complete transformation from Dis-Ease to Ease.

Treatments - How you can be helped?

Homeopathy works very well in almost all acute and chronic health conditions. Every case is unique and a proper individualistic homeopathic treatment is given to all.

At Homoeocure – Holistic healing, we successfully treat most of the health conditions making use of modern medical software like mac repertory, reference works and synergy homeopathic software for speedy cure.

Women’s Health

Menstrual irregularities, pre-post-menopausal, Painful menses etc

Skin Health

Eczema, Corns and callosities, warts, psoriasis, dermatitis etc.

Children’s Health

Behavioural and learning disorders, boost immunity, Molluscum contagiosum, teething difficulties, respiratory allergies, bronchitis, cold, adenoids, tonsillitis.


Respiratory allergies - Asthma, allergic rhinitis, recurrent colds, skin allergies.

Infertility – Male & Female

Females- PCOD, Menstrual irregularities, cysts, fibroids.

Males- Erectile dysfunctions, low sperm count.

Patient Treatment Gallery


Yoga - Healing Therapy

At Homeocure – Holistic Healing, we give lot of importance to the overall well-being and mindfulness of our patients. The healing power of homeopathy is accentuated when complemented by other holistic sciences like Yoga. We suggest our patients on who are on homeopathic treatment to learn and practice Yoga.