Why Choose Homeopathy ?

Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources available in the environment. They do not come along with any side effects unlike the other pharmaceutical agents.

Children create no fuss to take the sweet magical pills. Adults and Older people too love to have them since homeopathy treats effectively with very few doses.

Homeopathy aims at treating the person as a whole, not just the physical symptoms but transformation of the whole person at all levels from Dis- Ease to Ease.

Some diseases can be hereditary, some due to inherited weakness or underlying disease process. Homeopathy addresses the root causes and tries to achieve a cure.

You become much more resistant and your immune system is well armed to fight rightly and timely. Body is not much prone to repeated infections and allergies. Coping gets better to physical and mental triggers.

Individualization is one of the principles of Homeopathy. This means every person is treated with the well-selected remedy which corresponds to his physical and mental state.

For instance: – If two people suffer from flu and show the common symptoms of flu, they will not be treated with the same remedy but two different remedies considering their personalities which are not the same. One person might be restless with the flu and the other might be just very calm.

Homeopathy addresses symptoms of all three trimesters of pregnancy as well ensures a normal fruitful childbirth.           

Common acute conditions such as tonsillitis, appendicitis, haemorrhoids- piles, kidney stones, small uterine growths- fibroids, cysts, skin growths- warts, corns can be successfully treated with homeopathy to avoid surgery.


World Health Organization [WHO] recognizes Homeopathy as the second-largest​ method of treatment. It has been widely accepted and practiced in over 120 countries in the world.

According to a 2015 survey of French medical doctors, a very impressive 95% of French paediatricians, dermatologists, and general practitioners were found to prescribe​ homeopathic medicines in 2012 according to the French government’s database on drugs prescribed (Family Practice, 2015). Approximately 40% of the French public have used homeopathic medicines, and 39% of the French physicians have prescribed the medicines. About 20% of German physicians occasionally utilize these natural medicines, and 45% of Dutch physicians consider them effective. According to a survey in the British Medical Journal (June 7, 1986), 42% of British physicians survey refer patients to homeopathic physicians, and a New York Times article reported that visits to British homeopaths are​ growing at a rate of 39% a year. Homeopathy is also growing very rapidly in the United States. Market research shows that sales of homeopathic medicines have grown at a rate of 10-20% per year during the past ten years.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural system of holistic healing founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) of Germany.

It works by using a small dose of a substance to help stimulate the body’s healing process. It is based on the principle of the “Law of Similars.”

“Like cures Like” – Which means that a medicine capable of producing certain effects when taken by a healthy human being can cure any illness that displays similar effects.

Homeopathy restores the immune system/vital force by treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Homeopathy and Modern Medicine

A Homeopath understands the patients physical and mind symptoms, his personality which forms his constitution. The physical symptoms are an expression of disturbance at a deeper level.

Modern medicine treats only the physical symptoms and same treatment applies to people with the same diagnosis, but in homeopathy remedy is based on individual symptoms and hence person suffering from the same disease will have a different individual remedy.

Mode of Treatment

Well selected homeopathic medicines are given in form of sweet pellets and powders which are gentle, safe and easy to consume. It is an effective, safe and gentle treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since homeopathy is a holistic approach of treatment it doesn’t aim at treating only the symptoms of the disease. But the entire personality of a being, physically, emotionally, socially and also at the subconscious level. These together help in selection of the right remedy. Hence a detailed case taking is needed to acquire this kind of deep healing.

No this is not true. Rightly chosen homeopathic remedy gives quick results in acute conditions such as any severe pain, fever, etc.

In chronic conditions in which the person suffers for long many years and comes to homeopathy as a last option, should be given some time to bring about a cure. Duration of treatment differs from one person to another depending on the individual reaction to the remedy and the type of disease.

Any medicine if taken without supervision will have a side effect. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed in a minimum quantity after a detailed case taking. The medicines are prepared by serial dilutions by a process called as potentization where the physical substance is reduced and the dynamic healing property is enhanced. This way the chances of side effects are highly nullified.

Avoid external applications like steroid, antibiotic, antifungal and camphor-based ointments. Avoid cosmetics with strong scents. These antidote the effects of medicines. If you are used to taking tea and coffee, you can but avoid doing anything new during the course of treatment.

It usually does not happen. But if the person is too sensitive then it can raise the intensity of symptoms for short period and settle down completely. It shows that the body is reacting well to the medication and is considered a good sign in the course of treatment.

Sometimes it is observed that due to the high suppression of symptoms by painkillers or some skin applications, the person might experience them more as he/she stops using them. In this case homeopathic medicines slowly bring them under control.

Also, an old symptom that has been not taken care might recur for a short time before settling down completely.

In skin cases, the appearance of a skin rash or old suppressed skin rash which may appear during the treatment indicates that the action is happening from within outward and the internal problem is resolved and also the skin condition will heal completely.

Homeopathic medicines do not interfere with the action of Allopathic medicine since the level of action is different for both systems. Chronic conditions which are on long term Allopathic medications need not stop their medications but slowly taper the doses under medical advice. It is observed that the chronic cases start improving much better when put on Homeopathy than just only on Allopathic medicines.

Acute problems can be very well taken care and you don’t need to resort to any other treatment. The medicines will be fast acting and can relieve of any discomfort and pain. The acute episodes are very characteristic to the individual and help in understanding the long-standing disease in a better way and hence the frequency of such episodes is reduced. If required you will be asked to see a specialist in times of crisis. 

An improvement at all levels.

  • Firstly, the intensity and frequency of your concerning complaint.
  • Improvement at the general level- appetite, sleep, energy levels, dreams.
  • Better coping with sensitive situations, stress and overall dealing well with interpersonal relationships. Better temperaments.


Yes, homeopathy provides excellent results in handling infant colds, and colic.

Homeopathic medication can last very long when preserved in dry conditions and away from sunlight in a cool dark place. They must be discarded when they get moist or change color to a yellow tint. We prescribe medication for overseas patients, patients working on ships etc, for more than six months at a stretch. The medicines can be safely stored long away from strong smelling substances like camphor, mint, menthol, strong oils and perfumes.

Steroid is a corticosteroid which is a hormone or an anti-inflammatory agent. Homeopathic medicines are sourced from substances available in the environment such as plants, animals, minerals or inert substances. The steroid is not a part of homeopathic medicines. A well – selected homeopathic medicines bring about a drastic change in a short time in the patients’ complaints. At times it is mistaken to be effect of steroid due the fast pace of its action. But when the right remedy acts it is effective not only at the physical level but the general well being of the patient is also treated. This does not happen with a steroid, the steroid instead hampers the general well being by side-effects such as weight gain, moon face, excessive body hair etc.

Common test to find out steroids is the “Colorimetric method” test which gives a false positive result for any reducing sugar, aldehyde [ homeopathic medicines are sugar, lactose and alcohol based] and the “Liberman Buchard” test is best to find out if medicines contain steroids. Thin layer chromatography method and a UV absorption method. This method helps in differentiating and finding out if the substance contains steroids.