The healing journey….

Dr Naaz takes pleasure in observing and examining her patients right from the time they call in for appointments.

This is the most important step in proper treatment hence the doctor gives adequate time to each patient to unwind, introspect and experience the journey and know aspects of self which were not much known earlier.

Comforting – When the patient visits for the first time, Dr Naaz ensures that they feel comforted.

She provides education, care, compassion besides just high-quality consultations and Homeopathy medicines. She inspects all the past case records, tries to understand them as a person and then decides on what could benefit their health overall. A holistic Homeopathic approach is what describes her service to the community.

Unwinding – Her process of consultation is in-depth. She provides each patient the time and space to unwind and sets up an individual approach.

She herself explains the dose of each medicine and the duration and then decides a follow-up appointment, depending on how the patient’s health fares. She mostly believes that educating the patient is an important aspect of her consultation. 

Her unique approach is to treat all patients with the utmost care and to nurture their health journey to have a long-term result.

The doctor will discuss each and every symptom with great details to evaluate the remedy action and the body response. Further to which can be decided the plan of consequent action.

She is super passionate about seeing a change at all levels in a patient’s condition. Her uniqueness is in the way she deals each consultation with diligence, dedication and discernment.


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